Awning options vary and each application suits different types of systems, from enclosing verandas to shading and privacy on windows to creating a retractable roof outside. The list and options are chosen for each specific job.

Spring roller Awnings

These are best suited as an economical sunshade blind on patios and verandas, these have a spring loaded mechanism that when you pull down the blind and hook it off to points on the rail or floor will give you sun protection and privacy from neighbours. These can be used with either a mesh fabric, a block out or a clear/tint PVC for weather protection.

Channel guide Awning

These are best for between walls or post having a track down either side. This allows you to lock the channel guide awning off at any desired height. We have many different fabrics available.

Gear operated Awning

These are best used in high wind areas and where a wide span is needed. These can also have a track fitted to the side for multi stopping points. They use a crank handle to wind them up or down, many fabrics are available.

Cord and reel (Spring arm) Awnings

Cord and reel awnings are best suited to second floor windows where you cannot reach the fabric to adjust heights, so they can be controlled from inside with a cord lock or crank handle. They have a spring arm that extends the fabric out and down to your desired height.

Automatic Awnings

Automatic awnings are mostly used on a first floor to externally cover a window. This prevents the glass from heating up and with mesh fabrics you still have a view and you keep your privacy. The fabric runs down a rod either side of the window to allow the height to be set at any point you need.

Cafe’ Awnings

Cafe blinds can be made with most external fabrics and are widely used on boardwalk Cafe’s to stop wind, while keeping your view. They use a rope and pulley system to roll the fabric up and down and straps to hold them to the rail or floor. These are an economical way of making a waterproof enclosed deck.

Ziptrak Awnings

Ziptrack is a great way to keep a sleek modern look to your outside areas, this can be used with all external fabrics. This system has a fully enclosed hood and discrete side tracks that hold the fabric from bellowing in the wind saving the issue of zips and ropes!

Hooded (Dutch Eyelid) Awnings

These have a aluminium frame with your choice of fabric stretched over to create a dome shape that is often used for an entry area, giving a Mediterranean feel. They are often seen on shopfronts and grand entrance ways. These Fixed frame awnings are used in same way as Dutch eyelids but have a simple look using a flat section of fabric stretched out from a wall to give weather protection over a doorway, and custom awnings.

Folding arm Awnings

The folding arm awnings are very popular on Cafe’s and are used where you want seasonal changes for your outdoor area. These have the ability to extend out and cover large areas without posts or beams.

Custom Awnings

We have been making some interesting and custom setups on shopfronts that enclose gable ends of a building or project out from an existing roof or wall, these will be made to order with painted steel or timber frame to tie in with the building, the option for these are endless. These can be viewed in the gallery.


Awnings are made from fabrics and with all awnings these require to be retracted (where appropriate) in the event of high winds.
There are many fabric colours and options to choose from that will enhance the look of your home!